Textbook Choice

When I last contemplated the curriculum I wished to adopt, there was one text book I didn’t consider, because it was being used for a Master’s level course in the department – Harvey Motulsky’s Intuitive Biostatistics (IB). However, that course since switched textbooks, leaving me free to consider IB for 3117.

I requested an exam copy of the book to assess its suitability for 3117 – The chapters are short, introduce important vocabulary with examples, avoids mathematical formulas, and most importantly, covers nearly all of the content I was hoping to cover in 3117.

Of 46 chapters in the book, 40 appeared to fit my original conception for 3117. Furthermore, the only things I intend to supplement are resources focusing on measurement error, randomization in experiments, simulation based tests, and perhaps poisson regression.

One added advantage is that the IB curriculum has been adopted for biostat literacy courses in three universities by expert statistics educators. Therefore, choosing IB for 3117 carries the advantage of a small yet excellent set of resources in terms of a community of instructors to seek advice from.

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